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Featured Artists: Jeni Peralta & Rhiana Sneyd

To kick off the new year, we are featuring two artists for the first three months of 2016.  

Rhiana Sneyd

January/February 2016 

Rhiana Sneyd is a London based artist and honours graduate of Queen's University with a major in Fine Art. Her large scale oil paintings are inspired by her own photographs taken in moments of solitude, awe and enlightenment within the city at night. 

Rhiana is interested in revealing the magical within the mundane. She believes that the transforming quailty of light can change how we perceive places that are familiar to us. Suspended from the din of day, it is in these moments of contemplation and exploration, that the soul of the city reveals itself. Energy of connections belonging to a larger consciousness. Her paintings bring a personal and intimate perspective to the experience of urban life. Viewers find themselves in the centre of the composition, faced with the details of a transient moment in time.

Jeni Peralta

February/March 2016 

Jennifer Peralta is an emerging artist based in London, Ontario. In 2014, Jennifer graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Drawing and Painting. She has actively participated in a variety of shows, including Through the Looking Glass, A Collective Matter and Childlike. Triad is the most recent exhibition in which Jennifer's artwork has been displayed. In addition to these accomplishments, she has also attained two diplomas: Business Marketing from Fanshawe College and Cartographic Technician from Fleming College. Her work touches on ecological issues, commenting on nature. Her lifelong fascination with the natural world is revealed by the common thread between watching geographical documentaries as a child, attending Fleming College; School of Natural Resources, and her present subject matter.

"My artwork is an inner examination concerning where I stand in this global environment. My subject matter is more about the emotions that nature provokes as opposed to the actual representation of nature itself.

I previously studied Cartography, and this influence is evident in how I undertake my paintings. They can be read topographically with geometric undertones. My goal is to create art that revels in the majesty of the nature rather than to produce an apocalyptic presentation."

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