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Featured Artist: Tim Cosens & Melissa Mussell (January 3rd - March 4th, 2019)

Tim Cosens

Tim Cosens lives and maintains a studio in London, Ontario, Canada.  He finished his formal arts training at H. B. Beal Technical School and graduated from this locally renowned arts program in 1978, receiving first prize for the highest standing in drawing.  London, Ontario, especially from the years forward of 1960, has maintained a vital and experimental arts community.  This climate of forward thinking has formed a strong backdrop towards Tim’s research as a painter who maintains an interest in many international, historical, and contemporary developments within the visual arts.  His own work through the years has become increasingly disciplined towards showing simplicity within complexity by looking at the nature of phenomena, as seen in the parkland and rural sites of London and Southwestern Ontario.

“My work as a painter has focussed mostly on the landscape genre.  In this regard, the creative process is both traditional and modern in that I make studies on site.  I can then use the studies to make my studio paintings.  I actually view this process as a means towards architecture, which I would define as ‘the art of building or making,’ where one uses logic, both intuitive and discursive, to perceive the materials or event in nature and to then imagine this so as to draw it onto a flat surface.”

Melissa Mussell

Melissa Mussell describes her work as, "physical textured abstraction accompanied with the disparity of medium and diversity of application." Her compositions advance autonomously in accordance with the interrelationship of both abstractions of medium and alignment of colour found within singular contours.  Melissa states that she has "developed [her work] from sourced imagery, [having] the textures collaborate with the interrelationship of both mixed media and abstraction."

Melissa currently lives in London, Ontario and attended Fanshawe College where she obtained her Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts.  She has also completed the Mixed Media Arts Program with Karen Caughline, an artist from Strathroy, ON.  Melissa has had her work displayed in numerous group exhibitions including those as The Arts Project, The Cardboard Cafe and The Siskind Gallery, all within London, Ontario.


The work of both of these artists will be on display in Muse Shop + Rental at Museum London from January 3rd - March 4th, 2019.

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