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Featured Artist: Val Sloggett & Ross Bishop (March 5th - May 6th, 2019)

Val Sloggett

Born in Peterborough, Val Sloggett graduated from Fanshawe College in Illustration Design, through the Graphic Arts Program.   Working within the commercial art field for many years has greatly influenced her painting style.  She has switched back and forth with constructive and non-constructive elements, providing quite a mental challenge.

Books on early mid-century abstract artists (Canadian and American, i.e.: Hans Hofmann) help greatly to keep Val in touch with her goals.

Some of what is central to her painting method include: mastering brush/pallet paint application; paint density (removing, sometimes wet scraping and re-applying paint to give the finished look); colour choices; form; and the finished product must be both polished and rough.  Her paintings are true to her character.


Ross Bishop

Born in North Bay, Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph in 1979, Ross Bishop now lives in London.  Although he has a science background, Ross’ appreciation always existed for the aesthetics of movement and colour. In a sense, his science background has been a surprising pathway to the arts, which he says has been enlightening. Both a collector and painter of non-objective art, his desire to paint was inspired by the works of the Painters Eleven group, particularly William Ronald. 

As a self-taught artist, Ross doesn’t look at art as a means to an end.  He paints what he likes, how he likes and in the colours he likes.  The advantage of also being an art collector, Ross claims, is that the scrutiny from that perspective also exists.  Invariably, the final test is, “would I collect this piece.”  Ross started out painting by grasping onto the following first principle and it will always apply to his work; "there are no rules."

“You can see that the science side attempts order to disorder. Therefore removing the self from the painting process is the most complex part of abstract non-objective painting. All of this and more evolves in both the creation and appreciation of abstraction.”


Both Ross Bishop and Val Sloggett will have their work on display in Muse Shop + Rental at Museum London from March 5th - May 6th, 2019.  You can explore the paintings they have available for rent of purchase using the links below:

Ross Bishop:

Val Sloggett:

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