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Featured Artist: Virginia Caldwell (January - April 2020)

Virginia Caldwell's artwork is commanding, dynamic, and universal - transcending the test of time - and is characterized by a discerning eye for form, function, and technique. Her personal style draws influence from modern artists and sculptors, yet is never an imitation thereof. She constantly stretches her creative ability, embraces all kinds of subject matter, and pushes compositional boundaries.

Lines and Shapes by Virginia Caldwell is a series of paintings using lines, shapes and colours. There is no visual subject matter other than the three elements listed above. The original set of twelve canvases presented in 2016 included six large pieces and six small pieces. The series is open ended and can be added to at the artist's discretion.

The Lines and Shapes Exhibit at Shop Museum London runs until April 2020 and consists of eighteen pieces. Energetic, Edgy, From the Sandbox, Colour Hard Wired and Colour Pandemonium are pieces produced in 2018 and 2019.

The painting Dream House creatively engages the viewer with a visual invitation to the intellectual and sensory experience of enjoying art. The artist then renders a superbly dynamic and innovative presentation of lines, shapes and colours in different combinations and designs where the artist has skillfully achieved balance and harmony of certain technical elements.

The resultant viewer experience is mental stimulation and emotional exhilaration. A definite visual high and feel good experience.


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