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Featured Artists: Jeanette Marshall & Cheryl Radford (July 3rd - September 30th, 2019)

Jeanette N. Marshall

Jeanette grew up in the big sky country of Prairie Canada.  Rural origins gave way to the urban settings of Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver, Windsor and London.  At the University of Manitoba, she earned a BFA Honours degree, distinguishing herself with high academic standing and artistic integrity.  Further influences came from varied sources, including workshops and viewing collections from North America to Europe.  She draws her subject matter from nature and humanity, preferring to work from direct observation.  She trains her students to lead with their eyes as well.  She has honed an aesthetic refinement throughout the genres of landscape, portrait, floral and still life.  Her paintings are imbued with rich colour harmonies and an elegant styling, appealing equally to the emotions and the intellect.  


Cheryl Radford

Cheryl Radford has lived and worked in London for 30 years. A strong left brain and right brain thinker, Radford taps into both her creative and analytical skills to capture her subjects, from streetscapes and architecture to figure drawing and golf art.

"Life is a work in progress and creating art is an important part of my life," says Radford. "I draw inspiration from all that life has to offer, from people, pets, work, and the seemingly ordinary surroundings right here in London, to golfing at pristine golf courses. In the words of George Bernard Shaw 'Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' For me one of the real joys is the simple act of drawing."

"In August of 2007, I spent two weeks in a converted medieval monastery in Limoux, in the picturesque Lanquedoc area of Southern France. I loved the medieval towns and hilltop villages with their rick history and amazing architecture. When I returned home, I began to take more notice of the wonderful architecture right in southwestern Ontario. Its funny how I had to go half way around the world to really appreciate and notice the architecture right in front of me. If you are downtown London, just look up and you will see all the great architectural detail on the old buildings."


Both Jeanette Marshall and Cheryl Radford will have their work on display in Muse Shop + Rental at Museum London from July 3rd - September 30th, 2019.  You can explore the paintings they have available for rent of purchase using the links below:

Jeanette Marshall:

Cheryl Radford:

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