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Featured Artists May/June 2016

These artists are on display until the end of this month!  

Cathy Horvath-Buchanan

Cathy Horvath-Buchanan lives and works as a professional artist in St. Thomas, Ontario. The art she creates is the product of her education, graduating from Fanshawe's 3-year Fine Art program. More importantly are the many years she has spent in practical experimentation and quiet observation. It always amazes Cathy how putting paint to canvas can absorb and convey a lifetime spent looking.

Cathy has had her work featured in many galleries around the London area and has also sold a huge number of paintings to collectors worldwide via internet sales. Her works range from super realism to broadly stroked colourful graphic folk.

Her main working medium is acrylic paint on canvas but she has dabbled in watercolour and hand-pulled printmaking. She has created and sold hundreds of original paintings and has recently expanded to giclee prints. Her subjects mostly include landscapes, seascapes (both real and imagined), floral and garden.


dlmorrow graduated from the Studio/Art History programme at the University of Toronto, Scarborough College, under the instruction of Don Holman and Janis Hoogstraten. She also was a printmaker at Open Studio in Toronto previous to relocating to the London area. Currently, she is mostly interested in creating conceptual art aimed at raising environmental and spiritual awareness, 35mm photography and some drawing. She also enjoys performing her poetry. Diane owns a full service art business called ArtSpot1 for which she also does art consultation, framing and art technique workshops for adults and children.

Roxanne Jervis

Roxanne Jervis is an artist and teacher who is over-whelmed by the beauty in the landscape that surrounds us. Her style is her own, and can be recognized by the strong colours and composition, usually painted with a palette knife.

Travelling whenever possible, to places far and near, in order to paint, photograph and/or sketch; allows Roxanne to use the medium that inspires her. Returning home, the energy from her trips is reflected in her work. A large selection is done, mostly on Manitoulin Island and the London, Canada areas. However, she has a series from Tuscany/Italy, Hong Kong, West Cornwall/England, Normandy/Brittany in France, and Western Canada.

Studies were at the University of Waterloo, Doon School of Fine Art and with several professional artists. Currently, she is teaching Pencil Art, Painting Classes and One-Day Workshops through the Spectrum programs for the City of London.

Over the years there have been several solo exhibits. Roxanne is a member of four Artist Guilds, and is currently exhibiting in group shows and galleries. Davis Canadian Art in Stratford has represented her since 1997. The McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario has exhibited her work twice.


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