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Featured Artists: Virginia Caldwell & Jen Hamilton (May 7th - July 1st, 2019)

Virginia Caldwell

Virginia Henderson Caldwell lives and paints in London, Ontario.  Art has played an important part in her life. At the age of eleven she was given a small set of oil paints as a gift.  This opened up a visual creative journey that includes many experiences and opportunities.  Primarily self taught, she constantly stretches her creative ability and pushes technical and compositional boundaries.

From 1979 to 1989, the artist's medium was acrylic on wood.  Small hand painted artifacts given as Christmas presents formed the basis of producing hand painted earrings, neck pieces and pins as wearable art.  These items were entered in juried art and craft shows all over Southwestern Ontario, including the Burlington Art and Craft Show and the Niagara On The Lake Art Show.  By this time, her products were marketing to various companies and galleries under the registers company 'Wear Your Art, Inc."

Virginia's work was also chosen by Toronto's Del Bello Gallery to be exhibited at the International Miniature Art Exhibitions featuring artists from thirty-two countries.

Since 2002, her medium has been acrylic on canvas.  She has three technical styles - High Realism, Abstract and Whimsical.  Virginia can successfully move from one style to the other at will.  Her art embraces all kinds of subject matter.

Virginia's artwork on canvas has been and is now featured at Museum London, The Art Bank, Art Works Inc. Gallery, Reflections, London Health Sciences Centre and at the Springs Restaurant in London, ON.

"To teach yourself to be in the moment and to be taken on a journey of creativity is a form of prayer for me," says Virginia.


Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton is an artist based in London, Ontario.  She received her BFA from NSCAD University as well as her Fine Art Advanced Diploma from Fanshawe College.  Jen has sat on the Board of Directors at Forest City Gallery, worked at Museum London as an art instructor and the Youth Council Coordinator and currently teaches at Fanshawe College.  She has exhibited professionally in various cities across Canada and internationally and her work can be found in both private and public collections. 

Artist Statement

Domestic Postpartum is a series of over 2000 small houses and domestic structures that range in size from 1.5” to 12” tall and wide.  I constructed them using materials from my archive of several years of art making, including drawings, paintings, etchings, screen prints and writings.  I tore, ripped, shredded and cut into pieces past work to create new objects, thus, Domestic Postpartum was born from creative destruction.

In my work I explore, critique and visualize themes of “creating a home” and “domesticated duties.”  Showing sacrifice as a tool in art making as well in life, these small sculptures and prints are a response to the struggle of my entering motherhood while trying to maintain an art practice.

The monotony of my every day life includes repetition, familiar motions and the desire for recognizable outcomes.  The fact that printmaking weaselled its way into this project is fitting, for these motions and outcomes are anticipated within its practice.

With this work, I am interested in visually challenging the difference between loss and change, shifts in plans, loneliness and over crowding. I am also exploring what it means to be an artist, feminist and mother and the pre-constructed roles that are given to each.

Nitty Gritty London is the title of a series of relief prints that showcase scenes and locations in London Ontario that I considers essential. These scenes are to challenge standard touristy locations while inserting my very own opinion on what is my true Nitty Gritty London. 

You can see Jen's CV at


Both Virginia Cadlwell and Jen Hamilton will have their work on display in Muse Shop + Rental at Museum London from May 7th - July 1st, 2019.  You can explore the paintings they have available for rent of purchase using the links below:

Virginia Caldwell:

Jen Hamilton: 

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