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Amanda Hickey

Born in London, Ontario, Amanda Hickey’s love for travel was ignited at an early age when she and her family moved to Barbados. Her work is inspired by the history and significance of ceramics witnessed throughout her life’s adventures exploring over 20 countries. Focusing mainly on functional ware, she models her forms and highly decorated surfaces after the fashion, food and architecture she has experienced. 

Amanda is currently living in London where she has been practicing ceramics for 8 years. She graduated from Sir Fleming College: Haliburton School for Art & Design, majoring in Ceramics in December 2018; and is an active member of the London Clay Art Centre / London Potter’s Guild.

Artist Statement

My artistic practice focuses on incorporating a modern aesthetic into functional ceramic forms. My drive to create is influenced by the many countries I have travelled, and cultures I have experienced. Throughout these travels I have become fascinated by the appreciation of functional ceramic work, and am motivated to create objects that can be incorporated into one’s everyday life.

My journeys have also influenced the surface decoration found on my work. I enjoy creating highly patterned surfaces using a combination of traditional sgraffito carving techniques, vinyl decals, and self-made stamps and textures. I work mainly with the contrasting colours of black, white and Prussian blue. I mix and layer geometric patterns and textures to further create an illusion of movement and visual interest within my highly ornamented style.