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Art Rental

Our art rental program enables individuals and corporate clients to enjoy
original works of art at an affordable cost.
There are a variety of ways you can showcase our local, Canadian art in
your work environment or home:
  • Purchase a new work of art today and take it home with you. A list of approved delivery and installation options can be provided if needed.
  • Rent for a term and come back to replace with new works on a regular basis.
  • If you chose to purchase after renting, all paid rental fees from the date of the original rental may be credited toward the purchase of the work.
  • The rental prices are valued at 5% of the original purchase price and you can rent for as low as $7 per month!
    Why rent art?
    • It’s an opportunity to live with a work before committing to a final purchase.
    • It’s a way to enhance the work environment while avoiding the outlay required for a purchase.
    • Increases the appeal of homes for resale.
    • Changes your personal space with ease and affordability.
    • Rental expenses may be deductible as long as the expense is for business purposes.
    • Purchased Canadian art can also be included as a business expense.

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