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Bonnie Richardson

Bonnie (Bonn) Richardson is presently living in London, Ontario. She has taken many private lessons over the years but gives credit to 2 major en pleine aire artists as being her mentors. Most notably she studied under Newfoundland’s Gerry Squires for 3 years from 1992 to 1994 while living there. More recently she has connected with Killarney’s Pierre Sabourin who has helped her fine-tune and finesse her work.

Bonnie has painted everything she can think of from flowers to landscapes to animals to buildings. She became fascinated with the underwater world in 1997 during her first Caribbean adventure. She went snorkelling and was awestruck by the vibrancy of color and variety of life she experienced underwater.

There are very few underwater artists and even fewer en pleine eau artists and Bonnie feels she was born to do this. She believes en pleine eau to be the ultimate artistic challenge. She hopes through this unique work to help educate people on the need to protect this incredible biodiversity. Bonnie is devoting herself almost exclusively to en pleine eau work to bring the amazing beauty of the underwater world topside.

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