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Cathy Horvath-Buchanan

Cathy Horvath-Buchanan lives and works as a professional artist in St. Thomas, Ontario.  The art she creates is the product of her education, graduating from Fanshawe’s 3-year Fine Art program.  More importantly are the many years she has spent in practical experimentation and quiet observation.  It always amazes Cathy how putting paint to canvas can absorb and convey a lifetime spent looking.

Cathy has had her work featured in many galleries around the London area and has also sold a huge number of paintings to collectors worldwide via internet sales.  Her works range from super realism to broadly stroked colourful graphic folk.

Her main working medium is acrylic paint on canvas but she has dabbled in watercolour and hand-pulled printmaking.  She has created and sold hundreds of original paintings and has recently expanded to giclee prints.  Her subjects mostly include landscapes, seascapes (both real and imagined), floral and garden.

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