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Denise Hayes

As a child growing up in western Canada, Denise recalls using clay (or gumbo as it was known as) to fashion animal figures, and would harden them in her mother's oven.

Following her teaching career in Art, her interests turned to copying the masters, a very valuable analytical process.  Denise paid homage to artists such as Cassatt, Constable, Harris, Leduc, Millet and Monet.

Sculptural work while in the Arctic, psychological portraits alongside theatrical performances in Florida, watercolours of the Rockies; Denise is continually exploring a variety of mediums.

Her most recent work has taken on a whole new direction of Spirit led expression. Her latest paintings reflect the human condition and the reshaping of a new world that begs a greater "raison d'être."

Graduated from McGill U. with honours, B Ed in the Arts, recipient of the Elizabeth Jaques Award, the following is a resume of Denise's professional career related to Art.

Pangnirtung Nunavut                                   Adult drawing and painting course

St. Lambert, Que                                        Adult W/C course

Montreal, Que                                             3 Highschools - Art Instruction

Morrisburg, On                                            Youth summer drawing class

Morrisburg, On                                           UCV drawing Lessons

Hudson, Que                                              Lakeshore Artists Guild Exhibition

Morrisburg, On                                           South Dundas A.G. Exhibition

Ville de Lac Brome, Que                             Agri Exhibition

Morrisburg, On                                           UCV Exhibition

Florida                                                        Highland's A.G. Exhibition

Commissioned work                                  Christmas Card Series-UCV, Illustrations,

                                                                   Drawings for colouring book-UCV,

                                                                   Portrait of Historic figures, Portraits of

                                                                   Bikers, portraits of young girl - Lily                                                                   

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