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Don Mcilrath

Don McIlraith  graduated from Western in 1963. After travelling and teaching in Europe for a year, he settled in Sudbury to teach geography and history. Sudbury was a wonderful area to enjoy outdoor activities in winter and summer - leading Outers Club hiking, skiing and canoe trips was one of the joys of the occupation.

After retirement, McIlraith and his wife moved to Lion's Head on the Bruce Peninsula where a second career as Bruce Trail and Environmental Club volunteers occupied much of their time.

Following a life-long interest in nature and the outdoors led almost intuitively to the hobby of stick-making, which he has pursued for over twenty years after retiring from teaching.

From finding a blank potential stick to the final bees-wax polish takes from 7-10 hours of work. All the proceeds from each stick sale are donated to the London Community Woodshop.

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