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Joanna Mozdzen

Joanna's work is all about the beauty of the human form. The limitless expressions and mystery of the human face fascinate her. Joanna likes to contrast the smooth surface of the face with textured adornments to complete the masks and busts she create.s Through her art she is trying to show beauty on a deeper level.

Joanna's sculptures often express an imaginative world of peace and serenity. Faces are very often in a meditative state with closed eyes.

Joanna wants viewers to be attracted to her sculptures by the beauty and emotion she is trying to portray.

Joanna pays a lot of attention to aesthetics and details. Her work starts with a lump of clay and a few ideas in her head. As she works, the images emerge. When she feels the work is finished, she fires the piece in a kiln to make it permanent. After firing, Joanna applies different finishes to add an extra dimension of colour and shine.

More of Joanna's work is available to view on her website: www.joannamozdzen.com

Artist Statement

"Art has always been an important part of my life. To me picking up a pencil was a way of escaping into a word of fantasy away from the dreary of everyday life.

In 1987, the winds of fate steered me to Rome, where I spent over a year surrounded by timeless Roman art and architecture. The countless visits to various museums and art galleries had a profound and defining influence on my artistic growth and development.

The following chapter of my life began when I immigrated to Canada and moved to London Ontario. It is here, as an adult, that I began my search for a true calling and enrolled myself into art classes. After completing the Arts Foundation at Beal Secondary School I eagerly pursued evening sculpting classes at Fanshawe College. Though I am primarily self-taught as a figurative sculptor, both of these influential learning environments provided me with exciting opportunities for exposure to clay/pottery and photography, while reinforcing my skills and interest in sculpture.

The main themes of my artistic endeavours have mostly focused on the human face, with an emphasis on its varied facial expressions. Clay is my medium of choice, my hands are my tools and art is my expression. There is nothing like feeling of cold wet clay under may fingers as it gives me the sense of connection with the earth. I start my work with lump of clay, and a vague idea in my head, as my work progresses an image begins to emerge. With each creation I bring my imagination to life."




The Mind

The Mind