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Lena Gorelick

Lena Gorelick is an artist, sculptor, jeweler and computer scientist with a PhD in applied mathematics. Lena has immersed herself in the field of designing artistic jewelry. She uses digital sculpting software, cutting edge 3D printing technology as well as traditional silversmith techniques. 

Designer jewelry made in London, Ontario. Lena's items are first sculpted using either traditional clay or digital software. The sculptures are then printed in wax using 3D printing technology. The wax models are subsequently cast in silver or bronze through a lost-wax investment casting process. Finally, Lena hand finishes her pieces by sanding, polishing, oxidizing and setting semi-precious stones.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Museum London has made the decision to close the museum to visitors and all other groups, effective Saturday, March 14 and until further notice.

We regret the impact of this decision on the individuals, families and groups who use our facilities. However, we believe that this decision is in the best interests of all the communities we serve.