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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson graduated from the Beal Art program in London, Ontario.  While continuing to draw and paint he developed an interest in woodworking and enjoys creating beautiful and functional items for use or display.  Creations are often inspired equally by the natural world and technology.  Mark tends to make pieces in limited quantities and items are always unique in some way.

“I have a lot of interests and as they overlap I may get inspiration from one area and take that new knowledge into the next project. That’s what happened with the wooden vases. I was helping a friend build a sailboat and got the idea to coat the inside of wooden shapes with marine epoxy in order to make them waterproof. I have done some commissioned furniture, etc., and enjoy that because it’s not like a production run. Some painting commissions come along once in a while as well. I generally stop making pieces so I don’t start to feel stale about them and can start looking forward to a new challenge in either design or materials. Moving on also helps me come up with new things to make that I hope people will enjoy.”