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Selma Popovic

Selma Popovic is a textile artist and secondary school teacher.  She was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Upon completed her degree in Fine Arts, she earned a degree in teaching, however, she pursued a career in the Sarajevo textile industry as a fashion designer.  Being one of the youngest fashion designers, she worked very hard to prove herself and promote fashion design.  Selma has won 11 international first place awards for her fashion collections and has designed costumes for tv and theatre.  

Selma's scarves are hand-painted silk and can also be used as wall-hangings.  Painting on silk has a long history dating back to the Han dynasty in China, however, it is considered a new art medium.  Silk has specific characteristics, the most remarkable being the quality of colour which can be achieved.  Selma enjoys paintings lampshades, scarves and making fashion sketches, capturing the movement and gaze of women in large colourful portraits.

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