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Carr Mug - Kitseyucla

Carr Mug - Kitseyucla

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This fine bone china grande mug allows you to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea at your own pace. It has a pattern that features the painting “Kitseyucla by artist Emily Carr. It’s unique shape is ideal for showcasing beautiful art. It is elegant, durable, lightweight and easy to clean; it's just perfect for everyday use. 

Emily Carr (1871-1945)

Prior to 1927, Emily Carr boldly pursued her unique artistic path in isolation from the major art movements taking shape in the Eastern part of Canada. Carr passionately explored the remote native communities of coastal British Columbia, delving into the merger of landscape and cultural objects. From 1927 through the end of her career, Carr enjoyed association with the Group of 7 and subsequent art movements, creating some of her most famous works in the final decade of her life.