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Handmade wooden item made in London, ON. Sold as a set of 2. A cinch to use!

- Fun, easy to use wooden chopsticks for kids of all ages
- Great for Adults too
- Simple, clean design
- Building dexterity with less frustration
- Wider ends make it easier to pick up food
- Promotes healthy eating
- Reuse-able, Eco-Friendly
- Proudly handmade in Canada

Product Info:
CinchStix came about after watching the designers daughters trying to eat with gimmicky plastic chopsticks, held together with a rubbery animal shape. Cute, but twisted easily ending up with most of the food on the floor or them. Leaving both kids and parents frustrated.

CinchStix is a product that’s clean and simple, easy to hold and use. The look and feel of natural wood not only looks great, but also helps with grip. Wider ends make picking up easier. CinchStix are proudly handmade here in Canada.

Product Care:
Hand wash in soapy water, rinse clean and towel dry.
After repeated uses you can apply a food grade safe mineral oil or cutting board oil to the wood. This will help seal the wood, protect from moisture and reduce staining. Simply apply with a clean paper towel and allow to absorb, wipe off any excess.