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Earrings - BREATHE Recycled Crystal, Silver

Earrings - BREATHE Recycled Crystal, Silver

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Breathe in the joy of creativity and let yourself be inspired by Pilgrim's BREATHE collection, which is made from a minimum of 75% recycled materials. These silver-plated earrings have a handcrafted look with organic and playful shapes. Small pendants of Preciosa crystals create life and movement and give your outfit a minimalist, trendy twist. Breathe, and let the earrings be the centrepieces of your creativity.

About Pilgrim:

Designer Annemette Markvad translated her great love for minimalism, art, music, and people into a collection of handmade jewellery in Denmark. This family tradition of hand and heart made jewellery continues in Canada by a team of passionate Montrealers who share Annemette’s vision and values.