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Opulence, Limited Edition Print (Craig Guthrie)

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March 2020

Unframed, limited-edition print (100) of original acrylic on Masonite painting
20 x 18 in            

Opulence is a social critique which looks at the themes of anxiety, panic, consumerism, privilege, and human psychology during a global pandemic. This timely painting combined with a classical frame nudges us to think about how this piece will sit in time. The open-edition print was the featured multiple in the 2020 UPwithART supporting Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness and Museum London.

Craig Guthrie lives in London Ontario with his partner Richard, and cats Doug and Tina. Craig usually divides his time between his studio practice at TAP Centre for Creativity and his position as Senior Scenic Artist at The Grand Theatre, but for now has set up a studio at home. Craig’s personal work focuses primarily on relationships, circumstance, and how a moment can serve as a spotlight or frame around who and what we connect with.