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DIY Dream Catcher Kit - Family

DIY Dream Catcher Kit - Family

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FAMILY. Includes 2 2.5" rings, 4 leather strips, 1 string of sinew, 10 semi-precious stones, 8 wood beads, 8 feathers, and an instruction sheet.

DREAM CATCHER LEGEND: It is said that both good dreams and bad dreams circulate in the night air. The web allows the good dreams to pass through the web to the sleeper and the bad dreams become entangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn.

Monague Native Crafts’ dedicated team has developed the company to become the leading supplier of Canadian Indigenous crafts and gifts, offering the highest quality products that are crafted by hand.  The company gives hiring priority to First Nations People and Women in Development. Owner Sandi Monague Roy, developed the company while raising five daughters, two who have grown up in the company and are now an integral part of the business.  The family is a member of the Beausoleil First Nations of Ontario (Ojibway).