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Dave Sandford


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Limited Edition print, image sizes available:

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Black metal frame with white matting


LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA. When the pandemic hit, my professional life changed drastically. When times are normal, I often spend upwards of ¾ of the year on the road. But that was all taken away in the blink of an eye. Rather than focus on what I couldn’t do, I focused my efforts on what I could do, what was available to me. Just down the street from my childhood home here in London is a ravine where, as a child and teenager I spent much of my time honing my skills in photography. It was in this forest at a very young age I decided that I one day would be a wildlife photographer. So, some 30+ years later I decided to return to this forest and focus my efforts on photographing and documenting the local whitetail deer population. In the Spring of 2020, I spent a number of weeks simply tracking the deer and learning about their habits and the different personalities. I spent countless hours reading up and watching all I could on deer in order to know my subject the best I could. For the better you know your subject, the better you will be at capturing it. My efforts paid off in spades. Water sources are a life source and all animals will gravitate to it. This creek was no exception for the deer. It was here that I would venture down before sunrise on a daily basis and set up my photo blind along the shore of the creek. My intended goal was to capture imagery of a particular buck that crossed this creek in the same spot almost daily. The doe pictured here was one of many other deer (among other species) that utilized the creek as a water source. On this particular morning she and her fawn stopped by for a morning drink. Her fawn had just wandered behind her and headed up creek in my direction. It was in this moment she turned to keep an eye on her curious young one. At the same time, she took notice of something strange along the shore of the creek, my blind. She tilted her head with an almost human expression of curiosity. Undisturbed with the strange site she continued to wade through the creek pausing time to time for a drink with her little one.

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