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Fanshawe Photography | Jamal Guzlan

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Photographic Print on Paper

Forest City - London, Ontario, a city surrounded by forests.

High Rise - One London Place tower, from a unique perspective.

Beautiful Details - An abstract detail from Richmond Street in London, Ontario.

The New Owl - Every May, two new owls start to show up and jump around their nest in the heart of Gibbons Park, London, Ontario.

Jamal Guzlan is a creative photographer who had previously immersed himself in design, art, and journalism before devoting himself completely to focus his efforts on cultivating his photography skills. Dad of twin boys and a loving husband. FujiFilm Shooter who drinks Tim Hortons’ Dark Roast Double Doubles.

The Photography program at Fanshawe provides training for students in the professional aspects of the photography industry. Students are prepared for work in architectural, advertising, fashion, product, industrial, portrait, and wedding photography. Being able to tell a story, create a mood, or look at something from a new point of view, are just some of the concepts that students explore in this program.