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Fanshawe Photography | Phil Vaudry

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Photographic Print on Paper

Phil Vaudry is currently a 4th term photography student at Fanshawe College. He has been involved with photography for 17 years. He photographs the world around him in creative and interesting ways. Take a look at his Instagram account @phatphotons to view more of his personal work.

RGB - Location: Montreal, Quebec   Subject: Decarie Expressway, part of Autoroute 15  Date: 2009

Description: Part of typical photowalk of the city. The colours of the cars are natural and unmodified. The straight line of traffic and the spacing of the Red, Blue and Green cars are what make this special. 

ClosedLocation: London, Ontario  Subject: Covent Gardens, Near King St. and Richmond St.  Date: 2021

Description: This unique wall caught my eye and seemed like a natural subject to be photographed. The colours of the brick matched against the colours of the glass window popped. The faux windows create a history with the building and gives some extra interest for the viewer.

MetropolisLocation: London, Ontario   Subject: Dundas St. Approx Third St. and Clarke Rd.   Date: 2020

Description: The use of a telephoto lens to compress the action on this active street creates a sense of energy that is often the feeling on Dundas.

Calm - Location: Hamilton, Ontario   Subject: Lake Ontario   Date: 2020

Description: A longer shutter speed captured this winter scene and made the water glass like. The feeling of cold is felt but also a feeling of calmness and peace.

The Photography program at Fanshawe provides training for students in the professional aspects of the photography industry. Students are prepared for work in architectural, advertising, fashion, product, industrial, portrait, and wedding photography. Being able to tell a story, create a mood, or look at something from a new point of view, are just some of the concepts that students explore in this program.