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Dave Sandford


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Limited Edition print, image sizes available:

18" x 12" - $726

24" x 16" - $981

36" x 24" - $1395

Black metal frame with white matting


LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA. This is a piece I am particularly proud of. Captured back in July of 2020, this particular buck is a special buck to me. My friend ‘Bucky’ & I got pretty well acquainted with one another this summer. I have to thank him for providing me with some absolutely charming moments like this one here, as well as helping provide me with an escape from the reality of our world in during the pandemic. I will be forever grateful to him for the opportunities presented to me and his companionship. I started out having to use my photo blind just to get reasonably close to him and gradually after the weeks went by, I was able to abandon the blind and ‘Bucky’ was curious and comfortable enough to hang out with me. I came to learn from my observations that Bucky would cross the creek in the exact same spot on an almost daily basis. I spent the better part of six weeks from pre-dawn until mid to late morning in anticipation of Bucky’s crossing. My goal was to capture a near perfect mirror image of his crossing.

This particular moment caught me a little off guard to be honest. For on this day he was the second buck to step out from behind the tall grass. Seconds earlier and just out of this frame a much larger, older buck was the first to emerge. To my delight out of the corner of my eye I saw a shy Bucky just poke his head out from around the grass. Once he assessed the situation and realized it wasn’t a threatening one, he stopped following in the steps of his buddy and slowly started stepping towards me. He walked right up to me before finishing his crossing of the creek and rejoining his friend as the both of them disappeared into the forest. I knew in that very moment that my weeks of preparation had paid off in that very moment.

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