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Greg Curnoe: Cutout, Shaped Collages 1965-1968

Greg Curnoe: Cutout, Shaped Collages 1965-1968

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“Curnoe’s collages are straightforward records of his daily life, his comings and goings, the people with whom he was in contact, the items he bought, the buses he took and the things that fascinated him. He was very matter-of-fact about his work and wary of analytical, abstruse or speculative interpretation. At the same time, he made decisions about what to include in these collages and how to position each piece of paper. His selective process is telling.”

-Robert Fones

This catalogue was produced for the 2011 exhibition of Greg Curnoe’s collage-sculptures presented by the Museum London and curated by Robert Fones.

The catalogue was edited and designed by Robert Fones with text-contributions by Fones, Ben Portis and Carol-Ann M. Ryan.