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Haunted Houses by Corinne May Botz

Haunted Houses by Corinne May Botz

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This book and its evocative blend of photographs and ghost stories will attract anyone drawn to the paranormal, whether in literature, television, or film.

Haunted Houses includes more than eighty haunted buildings, from the legendary to the ordinary, including Edgar Allan Poe’s house in Baltimore, a New Jersey tavern, and a Massachusetts farmhouse, a log cabin in Kentucky, and a number of private residences. The text includes ghost stories told to the author by those who lived through the moving rugs, creaking floors, apparitions, disappearing - and reappearing - objects, cries in the night, mysteriously burning candles, and other unexplained occurrences.

Corinne May Botz is a photographer and chronicler of everyday spaces with secret, invisible histories. Her work has been exhibited internationally in one-person and group shows, and she teaches photography in New York. She is the author of The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. Her work is currently featured in Museum London's current exhibition, Spectral.