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Kyla and Kyra Go To School

Kyla and Kyra Go To School

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When the students at a school for birds learn that two new kids will be coming to join their class, they’re so excited! Will they be swans, like Susie? Emus like Eleni? Maybe the two sisters will be kingfishers, like Kirk! The day finally comes, and all of the students get ready to welcome Kyla and Kyra to their class. But when the sisters walk in, it turns out they aren’t birds at all! They’re koalas! Soon the swans start picking on the new girls, and the other birds aren’t sure what to do. How will they show their classmates that Kyra and Kyla’s differences are cool? And will they be able to prove that they all have more in common than they think?

Timothy Rylett has been a school librarian for almost twenty years. He’s familiar with the struggles new students face when they start in a new school or classroom. After reading hundreds of books to kids over the years, he wanted to share a story he had seen play out over and over again. Mr. Rylett lives in Southwestern Ontario with his family and his dog, Daisy.