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London Free Press From the Vault, Volume 2: 1950 to 1975

London Free Press From the Vault, Volume 2: 1950 to 1975

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Welcome to 1950 in London, Ontario. The post-war boom is in full swing, fueled by jobs, babies, and the modern consumer. New buildings dot the landscape, marking the advent of suburbia and rise of the shopping mall. When the 401 cuts through town, London finds itself on the cultural map, bringing famous acts to the city. Taken by the spirit of protest, Londoners hit the streets to make their voices heard. The Forest City is electric with change.

From the Vault, Volume II: 1950 to 1975 explores what were among the most important and exciting years of London’s history. From the opening of Wellington Square Mall to a Royal Visit, the demolition of Hotel London to anti-Vietnam protests, the book illustrates the era by featuring over 1,250 iconic images from the archives of the London Free Press, held at Western Archives.

As London’s paper of record for 170 years, the London Free Press remains the region’s greatest source of historical photography and eyewitness testimony. Like its predecessor, the best-selling From the Vault, this book sets a new standard for Canadian excellence in regional history. Documenting landmark events, timeless memories, and unforgettable characters, it’s a must-have for lovers of history.