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Mediah - Spectral Vane Limited Edition Prints (various sizes available)

Mediah - Spectral Vane Limited Edition Prints (various sizes available)

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Artist: MEDIAH
Date: 2023
Archival prints, editions of 10 or 15
Signed and numbered

MEDIAH is the pseudonym of Evond Blake, a Toronto-born artist based in London, Ontario. He has exhibited internationally and undertaken monumental mural and animation commissions across the country. Through painting and printmaking, murals, digital animation, and virtual reality experiences, MEDIAH has established a recognizable aesthetic with  bold colour and planar forms that impart a sense of constant speed, transformation, and dynamism.

SPECTRAL VANE is a special commission for Museum London, which MEDIAH describes as a “dimensional looking glass,” as it captures elements of shifting time and the seasons in response to its placement near the Centre at the Forks. About this project, he says:

The artwork is multi-planar, creating layers of depth moving throughout the piece that will guide the viewers to new and interesting spaces. The colours merge tropical hues with energetic grayscale tones that transition into warm oranges reminiscent of a summer sunset. The reflective overlays weave in and throughout the piece to introduce light and shadows in unexpected places.

MEDIAH’s work is also an act of faith. He aims to uplift viewers and sees his task as following “the Spirit’s detailed set of instructions and to listen for the unique name of the piece. I believe that my inexplicable artwork provides a window for viewers to behold otherworldly dimensions and environments.”