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Monet Tea Mug - Woman with Parasol

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Transform your tea time into a masterpiece with this elegantly designed tea mug featuring the iconic painting “Woman with a Parasol” by Old Master - Claude Monet.

 Crafted from fine bone china, this tea mug is not only stunning, but also durable, lightweight and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for everyday use. The included stainless steel infuser with its small holes will keep the tea leaves inside, ensuring the perfect cup every time. The lid doubles as a convenient coaster or tea caddy.


Claude Monet  (1840-1926)

From his studio in Argenteuil, Claude Monet defined the Impressionist movement which is named after one of his paintings. Seeking to fully capture the experience of the moment being depicted, Monet employed flickering brush work and a delicate pallet, evoking even the temperature of the air in his charming paintings.