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Readerest Swarovski Crystal

Readerest Swarovski Crystal

Regular price $18.00

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Made with Swarovski® crystals

Keep your readers and sunglasses secure and easily accessible with ReadeREST. No more dropping, scratching or misplacing your glasses. You'll no longer need to waste time looking for them and spend money to fix or replace them.

Product Use

Safety Glasses
ID Badges


Style - Made with genuine Swarovski® crystals.
Long Lasting
 - We use "high-grade magnets", stainless steel, and are made in America.
Multi-Functional - ReadeREST can be used for more than just holding your glasses. You can use it for your ID badge at work and manage your earbuds.
Tremendous Value - For only $14.99 you can extend the lifespan of your expensive glasses and make your everyday life easier.
Superior Design - Not only is it strong, but it's lightweight.