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Woodland Fox

Dave Sandford

Woodland Fox

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Limited Edition print, image sizes available:

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36" x 24" - $1395

Black metal frame with white matting


LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA. On this day I went to the south end of London to photograph deer. My chance encounter with this fox was fleeting. I was in my car, the fox trotted across the road about 300’ in front of my car. It had a squirrel in the clutches of its jaws. The fox continued on as if it didn’t notice my presence. I pulled to the side, exited my vehicle and knelt down to ground level as I tracked the fox across the field moving from my right to left. The fox stopped shortly after and dropped its prize. Then circled a time or two before laying down. Lying motionless in front of the squirrel, it was almost as if it was a staring competition for a few brief moments. The fox then sat up, trained its eyes on me, I released the shutter 4 times. This was image 3 of 4. The one with the most direct eye contact. Then, as quickly as it happened, the fox turned and trotted off into the distance, leaving the squirrel behind. A fleeting encounter, as most are. I gave it some time before approaching the fox's discarded prey. It was my belief from the state of the squirrel that it had been long deceased and the fox decided better menu options were out there.

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